Hi Everyone,

Jenny & I have decided to try for a simpler more fulfilling lifestyle.

We have started selling a lot of our assets & trying out new methods of travel, like Cycle Touring, travelling in our 40 year old VW Kombi Camper, Motorcycle Touring & 4 Wheel Drive Camping.

Paid work is on the back burner for now while we get busy & scratch our “Travel Bug” itch. This blog is primarily for our family & friends but if you stumble across it we hope you enjoy the read. Love to have you along as we bumble our way through life.

There are quite a few “About Us” bio’s out there for team wiljen, the most recent is our first blog update on this new wiljenblog.wordpress.com. Titled wiljen’s adventures 2.0.   Welcome to Wiljen’s Adventures 2.0

There is also our old blog on Blogger that has 2 years of updates, if you are curious or interested it’s at wiljen’s adventures 1.0 on Blogger wiljen’s adventures 1.0 2014 to 2016

The very first blog post http://wiljen.blogspot.com/2014/11/

Finally we have posted our Bicycle Touring exploits on http://www.crazyguyonabike.com go to this link for access to those journals Crazy Guy on a Bike.


Motorbike Tour Ride Reports on Advrider.com under the handle of “Happyidiot” here is a link to our last big Motorcycle Tour in 2017. Mid-Life Blues; Lets Go Riding, First Up Australia.

“New Experiences, New Lifestyle, New Ideas”

Catch you all later on.

Will & Jenny.