If You’re Not Shopping in India You’re Paying Too Much!


Sunday 23rd Oct – Monday 24th Oct 2016

Udaipur to Bhenswara 190km

Sunday was a “rest” day! Huh, not for any of us. It was a day to explore this place they call The Venice of India. Udaipur was founded in the mid 1500’s, and the Maharaja’s built many lavish homes around a series of man made lakes. The biggest home is City Palace. Most people were going to go see that, but team Mandurah and big Gary, decided we’d get Tuk Tuk’s and do our own tour for a couple of hours. We cornered Rocky (Rakesh), and Billabu, nailed down a good price, told them what we wanted and climbed in.

Our first Tuk Tuk ride….cool!

With Rocky leading the way, we drove around Lake Fatah Sagar, which has a Solar Observatory in it, stopping to take pictures of the lake and some of the quirky sculptures. Oh, not before stopping at a textiles shop, which we were quick to dismiss, not even getting out of the Tuk Tuk. But we did stop so Darren and Gary could be carpet bagged into a speed boat ride on the lake, for 400Rps each, which turned into a 20min slow boat ride for 200Rps, which turned into a 10min ride……oh India, you are such a joker. Will and I decided we’d just go drive by City Palace, and meet the other two in the market, so tried to convey this to our driver, Billabu! He nodded in that cute, Indian, bobble head, kind of way, and walked away. We sat and waited for a few minutes, before going to find him. He had totally disappeared. Done a runner! Huh, so we went and had Chai and an Indian toasted sanger while we waited for the boat boys.


                                        Some of the amazing sights around one of the lakes.

When they returned, both drivers had reappeared and we were off to the markets, the bazaar. Real India. We stopped at a very posh “shop”. Ugh! This is not what we want! Carpet bagged again! I tried to avoid it, fiercely, but the boys agreed to look. I bought a tailor made Punjabi suit, also known as a Sawar Kameez. Made of silk, delivered to our hotel tonight. Ha ha ha, bloody hell.

Carpet Bagging a suit of silk.

Finally, they took us to the real market place, with streets of sellers. And the shopping spree began. Darren and Gary found those lovely India serving bowls, I bought some fruit, which was horrible, and then they bought scarves, t-shirts, pants and more. We decided food was necessary, and found Charcoal’s, an Indian restaurant that does kebabs…..of meat. That was definitely us. 68 steps up to the roof top, my knee is not living the steps in India, and a beautiful view, cold beers and meat. It was awesome.


                          The markets were crazy, and most of the sellers were from Kashmir.

I google mapped our hotel, and we decided we’d walk back, to chill for the rest of the afternoon. Down we go, back into the market, where Darren and Gary got into more shopping, and we lost them. So we carried on walking through the alleyways, hoping Madam Google had us on the right track. Cows wandering freely, sleeping on the road, rubbish everywhere, but amazing place. The walk was great, and we made it back to our cute hotel.

Hotel Lavitra

It was time to chill out, think about the trip so far, and do some blogging. Not to mention have a few beers, in the courtyard with the group. Just before dinner time, my tailor came with my suit, which he made me try on and show everyone. It was great. Very cool and comfortable.


                                 Another crazy fun filled day in India……it is really a blast.

So off to another mystery dinner, and we’re walking…..oh poop, my right knee is pretty sore already, after the days adventures, but hey, just get it done. So we almost walked back to our lunch place, and up to another roof top restaurant, and man that view! It was stunning. Still water, the lights, clear skies (well as clear as you get in India) and the magnificent buildings. One of which is famous for being in James Bonds Octopussie. Another fantastic night, beautiful food, and as we were looking for a Tuk Tuk home, more attempts at carpet bagging. But we got this shit now, and promptly did a 180 turn on our heels, whilst bidding a polite farewell. Into a Tuk Tuk, team Mandurah managed to squeeze our good Aussie butts, and home again. We sat in the courtyard again, and had a quiet night cap, before falling exhausted into bed. Another great eye popping day.


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