“Travel Home Base”

February 2017, latest progress  house photos were taken a week ago.

We need to be moved within 2 weeks,  is this adventure or is it just LIFE ?!?!?

The current house we’re “camped” in needs to be vacated by us very soon, so the new people can move in. We have about 2 weeks left until the move.


In preparation for handing over the temporary house we currently reside in, we complete the front garden & redo the lawn out the back.

We were hoping to be relocated into our new “Travel Home Base” (THB) by now but the additions & renovations have dragged on longer then anticipated. This whole project began over a year ago now (that’s when the original plans were first drafted, February 2016).

“Travel Home Base” (THB), new concrete driveway is completed. Access through the carport is tight. 3m (wide)  x 2.3m (high) . Previously it was only 2 meters high.

The Builders weren’t handed the building permit until May 2016. Bad weather, missing in action Tradesmen & possibly at times poor scheduling (sorry guys, just my opinion as the bloke paying the bills) have added up to at least 2 to 3 months worth of delays.

It’s been a stressful process & in hindsight both Jenny & I would do things differently. Like possibly try to manage the build ourselves (but we lacked confidence, presumed it would take us longer then a qualified Builder & thought the India trip would get in the way). Make certain more things, in regards to the build are clearly in writing & not ambiguous as our contract seems to be. Ask lots more questions & record the responses on follow up emails. Not leave the country for 2 months during the build.

New veranda section out the front of the THB. This will be a great spot to relax.

I don’t think we’ll ever do this (Renovation/Addition) type of build again. I would also avoid a new build again as that was a 2 year nightmare back in 2002-2004. So next time just find an appropriate house, refurbish the inside & be satisfied. Alternatively I think a relocatable Modular House may be a viable option. Fortunately the worst of it is over now, we will move in with it only being 70% complete (not the 90%+ we were hoping for) so there will still be heaps of extra work to do more hard earned limited funds to be spent. We are approximately $50000aud over budget & this doesn’t include the cost of the new shed or fence….ouch.

Lots of concrete went into that new Driveway.

The only consolation that helps to ease the additional financial pain hit is we plan on hanging onto our Travel Home Base for a minimum of 10 years, most likely a lot longer.

The fact it is so centrally located & conveniently close to Mandurah should also give us a large indirect saving over the long term. Also my Father “Bill” will be moving into the new Studio & paying rent so that will help the cause.

Studio Building with outside Laundry behind roller door. The area between the main house & studio will be in filled with Patio & Veranda.

I was at the house yesterday (Tuesday 21/02/17) & the cleaners were there, the painter was nearly finished. On Friday the carpet is suppose to be laid down.
Next week let the move begin, our motivation & energy levels are pretty low at the moment so wish us luck.

Laundry, some modification required to the cupboard because it clashes with the roller door. A bit of bad design by the Draftman & fault wasn’t picked up by the Builder, Cabinet Maker or yours truly. 🙁


The Studio Room is 4m x 4m with a small kitchenette & ensuite attached. It was originally intended for guests but we now have my Dad moving in.

Ensuite in the Studio Room. Groovy tiles aren’t they ?
Lots of clean up & gardening to be done.
Kitchen is compact but functional.


Bi-fold window between Kitchen & Living Area.
Living Area, this is a completely new addition.
Front entrance & Lounge area.
Main House shower cubicle.
Main House Bathroom.
Master Bedroom with extra large walk in robe/storage area.
Last weekend we went on a 2 day bike trip to Yallingup, once the move into the THB is complete we are planning a multi-month Bike Trip. Still lots to organise.

So there you go, that’s the latest on team wiljen’s accommodation situation. Next time we update you on our lifestyle simplifying process we should be nicely settled into the THB, have offloaded all the surplus furniture & other nonessential items. Just a bit of outside house work to complete & then we’ll be free to focus on our travel endeavours.



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