Happy Birthday Willsie

14/04/17 Meningie to Mt Gambia 344kms

By the time we went to bed, we had a Bedouin camp surrounding us, with drunken city slickers screeching and cackling like witches. It was a little terrifying. But, we managed to sleep pretty well, and groan, and creak our way out into a fog covered morning. It was another slow start, and by the time we’d walked to the toilet, came back, got our breakfast gear, items to charge, and walked back to the camp kitchen, we’d fulfilled our daily step requirements. After forcing down our nuts and berries, we returned to out tent to do the final pack up.

Cold, damp, but very scenic. Until you look the other way and cop sight of the masses. Ugh!

Quick as, now the sun had dried most of the dew off, we headed out of town. Following the secondary road along the Coorrong, we really enjoyed the riding. Lots of sand dunes, salt lakes and scrub. Plenty of birds and bugs. We stopped in a roadside parking Bay, to get the GoPro on my helmet. Will’s Birthday, so my turn. Apparently I move my head too much and that doesn’t help the footage. Ha ha ha, too much time in India, maybe? Jenny bobble head!

Happy Birthday dance by Will, looking out over the Coorrong, or ants in pants?

We stopped again for a coffee and snack break, at Chinamans Well, down a short dirt track, and neither of us were feeling like a walk, so we just sat and enjoyed the birds, bush and a packet of Arnott Bbq Shapes. The sun was shining, no breeze, and beautiful bush. Nice!

A very relaxing spot, lots of birds and warm sunshine.

Carrying on, we came to Kingston SE, which we were both sure we’d been through, as we remembered the giant Crayfish, or Lobster. We fuelled up, and then did a drive around town, spotting several gyro-copters, and realising it was a very nice little beachside holiday town.

I remember you, but looks like you’ve had a refurb.

Everyone, well Rob, had said that Robe was a nice little town too, so when we got there, we toured through town and found a seat on the foreshore to have another break and a banana. The day was on the turn, and getting cooler, so before heading on to Mt Gambier, I put on me trusty old flanno. Just before we got going, a lovely young lady with two well mannered dogs, came over to ask about our tour. She was so nice, making me feel super adventurous, brave and tough. She has two small children, and dreams of doing something like this. I told her to keep that dream alive, cause it can happen. We told her about Nevermind Adventures, who do two week adventures in India, and Horizons Unlimited, who are a wealth of info on motorbike adventuring. She was just lovely. I could of hugged her.

Robe looks very nice, just super busy over Easter. Lovely foreshore and Main Street.

The final ride through to Mt Gambier, was a bit chilly, but still interesting. Lots of pine plantations, and farms. We’d booked a sight at the Central Caravan Park, cause we wanted to be able to walk to town and stuff, Destiny was off on another dark planet, so we found our way to the Info centre, checked our phones, and in no time at all, arrived at the spot. A strange set up, with the park split in two, with half on each side of the street, but easy enough, and nice and small. We’re plonked next to the playground….on Easter! Oh dear, dear me!

Our hiding place to get through Easter.

As it’s Will’s birthday, and there are pubs open, that’s where we headed. Literally one block away, was South Aussie Pub, with great priced meals, and a very energetic, friendly owner, servicing furiously behind the bar. Mark, his wife, daughter, and a couple of staff, worked flat out, and we had a great night. Happy Birthday my Will, you even got a free beer!

15/04/17 Mt Gambier

Just a pretty chilled day being trailer park trash. First we were inundated with noisy, screaming little girls, playing happily on the playground. This at 7am! A bit early folks, but it is Easter, and they are kids. After they had been playing and screaming for over an hour, one of them must of heard us talking in the tent, and proceeded to shush the rest, saying ” There are people sleeping in there!” Huh, not for ages, but thanks for the consideration.

We eventually dragged our stiff and sore bodies from the tent, to go make coffee, eat birdseed, and charge gadgets. I went and did some washing, across the street. No laundry at the park, but a laundromat next to the office. Hanging in the camp kitchen wasn’t much quieter, as a couple of families from Warrnambool were camped across from it, and had 4 kids, aged 3 to 9, and it was scooter and bike mayhem. They were really nice, and we enjoyed chatting with Kevin (the Grandad of said scooter maniacs).

Check out this big meat eater…..bugger off buddy, this is our room.

Jobs done, we decided to go check out one of the sights in town, and grab some groceries to get us through to Geelong. We’ve been to Mt Gambier before, but only seen the Blue Lake. So we checked out Umpherston Sinkhole, or Sunken Garden. It started out a normal limestone cave, then the roof caved in, because of seawater waves. In 1886, James Umpherston made a garden in the sinkhole. It is very beautiful, and the town has done a great job with it. There were a billion tourists there, but we enjoyed a walk through it. I could smell this sickly sweet, woody smell, and while I was trying to figure out what it was (maple syrup, donuts???) Will, wanders over to the fence line, and then I noticed the walls of timber! Arhh, timber processing! This is a huge industry for this town.

Really well done, with lots of green shaded space for family picnics etc.

A quick stop at Woolworths, for supplies, it was madness just like everywhere the day before Easter Sunday. Exhausted from the crowds, we retire back to the “Trailer Park”, and the camp kitchen. We blogged, and chatted to Kevin and the crew, they made me a lovely coffee and shared Easter eggs with us. Very, very lovely. Then we headed back to South Aussie Pub for another delicious dinner. Mark (the owner) came and had a beer with us, and it was great to hear about his business, and life. He is super busy, but loves his life. Thanks Mark, he even remembered our names from the day before, good work.

Thanks heaps Mark. Two great dinners and nice to chat with you.

Another great day, great people and experiences. Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, I hope it’s not too busy out there.

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