Family Time in The Tropics

9th to 12th July 2017

Days in Port Douglas

I’m not going to go into things too much, as these 5 days, we spent with family, catching up and relaxing. Port Douglas is a tourist Mecca this time of year, crawling with tourists and holiday makers. It is a really pretty town, with good restaurants, pubs, shops, beach, and access to The Daintree and The Great Barrier Reef. It is full of resorts and accommodation options, and none could fit us for more than two nights, so lucky we have family that were willing to have us.

Crazy as it sounds, one of Will’s cousins is doing a tour with his family, in an Iveco Daily 4WD 4.5 tonne truck, that has a camper set up on the back. They had just returned from the tip of Oz, Cape York, and also called in to catch up. Dennis and Nic, and their three small kids, and Will and I, took over Geoff and Taryn’s home (lucky it has plenty of room), and had a wonderful stay. The kids were great fun, but exhausting (been a long time since we did kids that young) and it was a very full on few days. Dennis and the crew left, and Will and I stayed a bit longer to make plans for the next phase of this adventure.

Dennis and the crew enjoyed spreading out in a “normal” house, so did we.

Becky loved having the kids to play with, but she was not well behaved, and we found her getting into mischief and leading them astray.

We have one week to go until we have to push the pause button on this trip, and fly home to get some things sorted. It’s tax time, the Reno is still incomplete, there are some family we would like to be near and help out, and my sister is visiting from the UK, so it’s an important break. So we’ve got flights home, and until then, we figured we’d ride to Cooktown, through the Daintree, and along the Bloomfield Track, then back to Port Douglas on the fully sealed Mulligan Highway. Good plan, until the day we planned to leave, and it was raining on the 30kms of dirt (The Bloomfield Track), and our attitude declined. We hummed and harred so long, we had to stay another day. So we determined to head north and do the ride in the reverse to the original plan, and get to Cooktown via Lakeland, along the Mulligan Hwy, stay a couple of nights, then head south again along the coast. Hopefully then the weather would be back to normal. We’ll definitely leave tomorrow, we promised Geoff and Taryn, they need some peace and quiet for a few days.

Thanks for having us all guys, and enjoy your weekend in peace.

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