Enjoying The Coral Coast

6th October 2017 – Day 39 (149)

Onslow – Basically, we did bugger all today, aside from read, enjoy the birds, chat to a lovely lady, having a wonderful solo trip. We did actually get off our butts and take a walk around town, and thought about having lunch at the pub. That was until we saw the prices on the menu. As you all know, we have a pretty high spend threshold, and at $28 for a steak sandwich, it had been exceeded. You have got to be kidding! With a shake of the head, we swigged down our beers, and walked over to the general store for some supplies instead.

Another town showing massive improvement. I always thought it was a nothing town, but I found it very relaxing, and there is plenty to explore nearby too. I’ll be back.

Dip, left over sausages, cheese, tomato and crackers for lunch, with a cheap cool drink, while enjoying the ocean views. That was heaps better. More reading, puzzles, and research on this town, which was started for the pastoral industry, and the pearling too, before another short walk on their new boardwalk through the dunes.

They have a very nice Anzac memorial, and if we got up early enough, we could have even the sun rise through it. 

A self made steak burger, which cost less than a tenna for two, then we sat and enjoyed a red wine and watched the Moon rise over the water. It was pretty specky, and quite enjoyable. Happy we spent another day here, and there is plenty to still check out here, on another adventure.

It was a beautiful evening, and we were lucky to have seen the moon rise.

7th October 2017

Onslow to Coral Bay 410kms

It was easy to get up early, although we missed the sunrise, which would have been special, there was plenty of noise from the birds. We didn’t mess around, we have a big day’s ride, and it is going to be windy. Breakfast, pack up, then a quick look out to the river mouth. Wow, there is a lot going on here, it is all very industrial.

So much going on here. Wheatstone gas project, is they main reason.

The first spot we got to was good old Nanutarra. Many times we had to stop here. It has some deep memories, good and not so good. They all give us a laugh now though. It’s neat and tidy, and some improvements, so we fill up, and take a break with a $2 ice coffee (going out of date) and shared a sausage roll. While we sat there, we were recognised! Alan and Chris (we met at Point Sampson) pulled in, and joined us for a cheap drink. They are so nice, we ended up having an hour and a half chat. We seem to chat a lot…ha ha ha…it’s great.

The roady was a bit neater than I last saw it, the Ashburton river was dry, we’ve seen it up to the bridge, and it was fun passing Alan and Chris again.

For the rest of the day, we just chilled out, enjoyed the changing terrain, and pushed into the wind. We turned off onto Burkett road, which offers a “short” cut, and access to Giralia station, where we have stayed before. There is a really beautiful bay that we almost went swimming at, last time, until we discovered it is a tiger shark nursery. Good station stay though, if you want a quiet, and relaxing stay. We had a short stop at the turn off, just to stretch, and psych ourselves up for the last run. The wind was getting really strong, and it was a tough ride.

Last rest before we smash into the ever increasing head wind again.

Riding over the last dune into Coral Bay, is always great, but today even better, it’s been a long day. It was busy, end of school holidays, and still lots of families around. It had changed, but not too much. It is one of those places, that is actually limited by it’s location. A good thing. It is beautiful.

It’s always busy, but school holidays are insane here. But it is worth the visit, anytime. Great snorkelling, safe beaches, 4WD action, and plenty of fun.

We checked into the Bayview, found our site, right in the middle of two families, with a zillion small kids, and three Wicked campers with a zillion soccer hooligans (aka young European backpackers). Fuckin hell! Oh well, never mind. This is Coral Bay, and it is just the way it is. We fought the wind and got the tent up pretty easily, then went for a walk around. Dinner over at Bill’s, a new place across the road, and then into the tent. It was actually cold, and we had to pull out the jumpers. What?


You just can’t escape the beauty of this bay.


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