We’ve Reached Wildflower Country

10th to 11th October 2017 – Day 43 (153)

Hamelin Pool to Kalbarri 290kms

Just about to bust out of the tent, and get started, when there was a sound on the tent we hadn’t heard for quite a while. Bloody rain! Ugh, well according to the weather gurus, 20% chance, and then none after 8am. So it didn’t last long, wasn’t heavy, and by the time we had our nuts and berries, and a coffee, the sun was out and things were almost dry. It wasn’t a warm day though, and the clouds looked ominous, so we packed pretty quick, and hit the road. It did sprinkle on us for about 2 minutes as we left.

The clouds are thinning out, hope they bugger right off.

Only 34 kms to the Overlander Roadhouse, where (in the past) we have experienced the delicious homemade sausage rolls, which we had thought were the best we’ve ever tasted. Unfortunately they were not as good today, and the place was not in as good condition as it has been. So for this journey, Pardoo roadhouse wins the sausage roll competition.


These were the only seats we could find. Bit dodgey mate.

Heading south, it was a bit windy again, and getting cold. Actually too cold, and I needed another layer. So we stopped at a rest stop not far from the turn into Kalbarri, called Galena Bridge Camp area, on the Murchison river. It looked like a nice spot to camp overnight, and quite a few caravans had already parked up for the day. We made some lunch, put on another layer, and went to carry on, when we spotted a van we’ve been passing regularly, since before Victoria River. So we pulled up to say hello. Couple of lovely retirees having a ball in their orange van. They recognised us, and we had a great chat about our different journeys.

Lots of chairs here, also fire pits, clean toilets, an lots of room for all.

Kalbarri is one of those special places in this country. Very unique and very beautiful. I’ve been coming here since I was a small child, for holidays, and I really like it. Riding in is really interesting, and today there were billions of flowering grevillea. After much research, we have discovered they are called Smelly Sock. We should have stopped for a photo, but we were a bit cold and tired, so just pushed through to town. Fuel, a quick tour to see what’s changed (not much), a beer, a room, and some pub grub, that was us.



How good does that look? The Gorges are fantastic too, and easily accessible.

Kalbarri to Geraldton 160kms

Not too far to go today, our trip is rapidly coming to it’s end, so just a nice scenic ride to Geraldton, where we’ll stay with a friend (almost family, as good as), and relax for a couple of days, before getting home. So we chilled out in the room, had some toast (a nice change), and then got sorted. A couple of super important checks on the bikes, at this stage of the ride, our tyres are coming to their end too. Will’s back tyre has a slow leak, and as we can’t find anything in it, we think it must be the plug from way back at Carnarvon Gorge. So it needs pumping up, every two days, but should hopefully make it home. My back tyre is wearing very thin, and when we checked it today, I was horrified! Wire was showing in a few spots, and it definitely would not make it 650kms to home. Bummer!


Oh dear, that’s not good. I just hope they make it to Geraldton.

Emergency phone calls to arrange a new tyre to go on tomorrow, in Geraldton, and with fingers crossed, we head off. But first, I want to drop one of the cute painted rocks, the kids gave us, in Karratha. I spot the Anzac memorial, with a gun, and that looks good to me. As we pull in, we spot the Brazilian’s bike. How cool! With no rush, we find Adriano and Clariana again, and all enjoy another chat. They are also heading to Geraldton as their bike is having a few issues too. We offered them a room at our house, when they come through, and hopefully they will visit, otherwise I’ll just follow them on Facebook. Such adventurous people, young and tough.


A beautiful day to ride the coastline. Check out WA Rocks, and these Brazilian adventurers.

With the big blue sky, a slight head wind, and the deep blue ocean, we rode along the coast to Northampton. It is a great road, passing the Pink Lakes, Port Gregory, and Horrocks Beach. All great spots for a few days. For us, we took a break in Northampton, just because we could, then chooffed off to Gero! Another nice ride, and the weather gods were with us.


The pinkest I’ve seen that lake. Northampton is a pretty historic little town.

We found Annie and Keith’s place easily, and it was great to see Annie again after a long time. They made us very welcome, looked after us like royalty, we drank too much, ate too much, and loved every minute of it.

Hi Annie, it is so great to see you!


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