Rest and Recharge

Hope, BC, Canada. A Tesla recharge bank, for electric cars (and worn out cyclists?)

1st – 2nd Aug 2018

Hope – Rest Day

It was a relief to know we didn’t have to ride today, and wouldn’t ya know it, the cool change came early. But we were happy to have a rest, and stick to the plan of getting to Vancouver via motorised transport of some description. We all had a very relaxed day, well maybe except for Art, who spent the day using his negotiating skills to find us a ride to the city. My job was blogging and finding accommodation for Will and I, and John sorted out our washing. Will did blogging too.

We found Rolly’s round the corner, and enjoyed our meals there.

Art came up with a couple of options, not all of them easy, but all doable. Option 1, hire a pick up truck, drive to Vancouver, dump us and the gear off, and then drive back to Hope, and catch a bus back to the city. Hhmmm, that is a lot of driving, but Art was willing to do it. Option 2, was a local businessman, who ran a tour/outdoor activity business, who might be willing to take us all to the city. Option 3, was to cycle to the next town, and catch a train. None of us were keen on option 3, so we worked on option 1 while we waited for an answer to option 2.

Did I mention that Hope is where Rambo, First Blood was filmed?

Meanwhile, the boys all went for a walk around town, and Art came back with a bike box for his beast, and proceeded to get that sorted. Will came back with a new bike lock for me, as mine had refused to open at Boston Bar, it died, and some pastries for lunch. John came back with beer, and we sat and enjoyed our lunch while waiting on a call about option 2. Just as we had decidedly we’d have to go with the long way round, and booked Art a bus ticket for $30, Joe, from Sasquatch Moon Outdoors, called to say he’d take us and our gear for a couple hundred bucks. Perfect! Cheapest and quickest option secured.

Joe’s Website

The rest of the day was just chilling and hanging out. Will and I popped next door to Rolly’s for dinner, and used the Wifi to book our accommodation. It was tough going, everything was booked, and we discovered it was a long weekend, with the Pride Parade on Sunday. At the last minute, I lchecked on Trivago, and found a fancy hotel for $456, for four nights. I couldn’t believe our luck. I booked it straight away. Right in downtown area, nice big room, with a kitchenette. Nice score.

John and Will spent some time discussing possible routes for us, once we reach San Francisco, while Art got to packing his bike for the trip home.

Will and the guys enjoyed their walk around town, and said it was a cool little place. There are certainly lots of these wood carvings around in Canada.

Hope – Vancouver 155kms (by car)

Joe turned up, as promised, at 9am, and we loaded all the kids and gear into his old Honda CRV, and old wooden trailer. He did well securing them with proper straps, and even stopped after about 10kms to ensure everything was secure. It was an uneventful drive, and it even drizzled a bit. We made one coffee/snack break in Chillawack, then just smashed on into the city. Will asked me what the address was, for our hotel, so I checked the confirmation email. As I scrolled down to find the address, I noticed a number that didn’t look right. I mumbled out the address for Joe, then took a closer look at the email. My heart stopped, and I started to feel short of breath. The confirmation was for $456 each night, for four nights! NnnnnOooooo! What? Holy shit, that is ever so slightly over our budget! I didn’t say anything. Shit. None refundable. Double shit. 

Kids all secured, and the happy team, jump in and enjoy the ride. Thanks again Joe.

We arrived at our swanky downtown digs, and everyone was excited, except me. “How’d you get this so cheap?” He he he, yeah, cool hey? Huh! They unloaded our stuff, and I pulled Will aside to tell him the news. I think he had a stroke, he couldn’t talk, just stammered a bit. I assured him I’d go inside and see if they can help me, save me, save my money, something. The receptionist was ever so kind, and looked at what they could do, and you know it was actually nothing. The booking was a minimum of 3 nights, non-refundable, and fucking expensive. So what do I do? What is there to do? Cancel the last night, which didn’t cost me any more, and get ready to just relax and enjoy the luxury. If you stuff up like this, just put on the house robe and slippers, crack a bottle of red, and pretend you own this shit. Who cares if we have to dumpster dive and sleep in the bush for the next four months, right? Oh dear!

It’s alright Will, we survived the Rocky’s, we can handle this. 😏

3 thoughts on “Rest and Recharge

  1. Greetings Jen and Will!

    To anyone else other than Jen and Will reading this comment let me say how fortunate Jan and I were to meet Jen and Will. We were on a casual ride on the Lochside trail (Victoria BC) doing our customary morning run from our house to the nearest Starbuck’s for coffee. We came across Jen and Will on their bikes waiting at a red light, and I asked them if they had come from a long way. (They looked like they had come from a long way…not because they looked tired but because they had all this ‘gear’ on their bikes). My wife Jan and I were floored when they replied they had come from Calgary! and were natives of Australia! (Australia..that explains everything. Aussies are synonymous with adventure!) What! We knew right away that we were talking to some very special people. We asked them to join us for coffee and food at Starbuck’s and luckily for us they took us up on it but declined the food just having partaken of some Canadian waffles a few hours earlier for breakfast. We had a delightful visit with them. Seemed to us we had known them for years and we shared many things .. likes dislikes values pet dogs kids etc. Did we mention their mascot Diablo .. a stuffed Tasmanian devil? We saw them on their way and we hope they got some time to rest and tour Victoria .. after which they said they were off to SAN Francisco! Wow..crazy Aussies! (We can’t get enough of Australians!) After they left, Jan and I had the sense that we should have offered them more .. maybe like dinner at the Empress! When we got home we looked up their blog that they had told us they hosted. Wow again. Well all of you reading this know about their blog and also know about what we are talking about. They are indeed very special people and any readers who happen to cross their path will be very fortunate indeed. Keep safe. Have a great trip Jen and Will, and keep on biking!

    Jan and Doug Dyer. Victoria BC


    1. Jan and Doug, you guys made our day. I also felt like we’d known you for ever. Thank you so much for the lovely comments, oh and of course the coffee. We so enjoyed your company, and sharing the stories. Keep living and loving your life, and here’s hoping we run into each other again. Cheers from Australia,
      Will and Jen, and Diablo. 😉👍🥂🚴‍♀️


      1. OK Jen and Will, have a safe and wonderful journey. We will be thinking of you. You are an inspiration to all the rest of us .. happy travels!
        Jan and Doug


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