Speeding Down To California

3rd – 5th Sept 2018

Humbug Mountain SP to Harris Beach State Park (Brookings) 82kms

What a lovely morning. We were not fast, but not slow, but we enjoyed the filtered sun, the Bluejays that are camera shy, and the thought of almost reaching our fifth state on this journey. Clare and the other two cyclists were a bit slower getting organised, but as we talk too much, Clare was first depart. Then us, then the two older guys. We enjoyed the first half of the day, with the sun, the views, and the roller coaster hills.


Blue skies, blue ocean, and a tailwind. Pretty bloody good.


Again the ocean and rock formations were the main events, besides the ups and downs.


Right up to Gold Beach, we were loving ourselves sick. The amazing coast was, well freaking amazing! But we were getting tired. We’d had a few big, long climbs, and the day was getting on. The hills didn’t seem to get smaller, and my legs were getting really fatigued. It was getting very difficult to climb the ever increasing hills. Despite the brilliant views.


 A high point of hills, is always the down, and at Cape Sebastian, we managed to smash our personal best speeds. Some may say we are crazy, and they are probably right, but it is a fantastic feeling.

On the maps (all of them), we could see Pistol Creek, and believed it to be our last grocery opportunity. When we finally reached it, it was literally a creek crossing, with the tiny village a fair way off the main drag. No shopping here. On we go, pushing hard now. 

Made it up another mongrel hill, they are so long.

There were so many “view points” that we just didn’t have the energy to go into, we just kept slogging up the hills. Slow and hard. It became a bit of a chore, and we weren’t really appreciating the magnificence of it all. 


Views, schmooz, just get me there Betty, come on!

By the time we made it to Harris State Park, we were well spent, and could hardly make a decision. The ranger talked us into a tent sight, $4 more than the hiker/biker sites, just because it was right next to the toilets and showers. I was Fucked! I sat like a zombie, unable to speak. Will decided he’d ride the 2kms into town to find food, so I thought I’d better make a home, at least. By the time I’d put the tent up and pumped up mattresses, etc, Will was back with subway and beer. We had showers, stowed our food away tightly (The ranger said there were Skunks and Raccoons here) and went to bed. Shattered, buggered and completely spent. Whoah, what a day!

We did it again, somehow. Another amazing day.

Brookings to Crescent City 48kms

No food for breakfast, and who can be bothered. We’re over this lack of connectivity and the inability to get our work done. So we got up, packed up, and headed for town. A short ride along a bike path, and back on the highway, town was not far. We found a funky little cafe, and settled in for food, coffee and Wifi. We need another hotel. Crescent City isn’t far, and although people say it’s a bit manky, we need to catch up on our family, the blog, and make some plans for San Fransisco.

Breakfast was okay, and the waitress gave us directions to AT&T, so we headed there to see if we could change our situation. Brookings is a pretty big place, and has everything you need. Luckily we were able, after an hour, to get a new phone sim with AT&T, and get it doing what we needed. Then we just headed out of town towards the state border.


With some patience and determination, we got sorted with some improved communications.


The views were pretty good as we rode the cycle path into Brookings.

California, Straya Animals are in town! It felt pretty good to arrive in this iconic state. Won’t be long, and we’ll be amongst the amazing Redwood Forests, that I’ve been waiting for, but today, we just rode along the 101, and then through some farm backroads to arrive in Crescent City, California. It was a nice enough ride, and a pretty good day. The hotel we booked, Americas Best Value Inn, was on the northern end of town, and we found it right away. We got checked in, and went next door to the Mexican/American bar. We met Art and Colleen, from BC, Canada, who were on a ten day motorbike tour, and staying in the room next to us. The four of us enjoyed some beers, and cheap tacos, and excellent conversations. They are a great couple, and it was a real pleasure meeting them. We returned to our room, very “relaxed”, and happy with our day.

It’s sunny in California, all the time, isn’t it?


Just checking that we aren’t actually lost, and then we spotted some cool artwork outside a farm around Fort Dick. Made from old horse shoes.

Which bikes are ours again? I’m sure mine has a motor?
Before any fun stuff, our riding shoes are desperate for a clean. 7 weeks riding and walking in all sorts of dirt. Yuk!


Colleen made this decorative leather strap on her bike. Pretty cool. Oh and this is the sign they need to have up along the coast. Ha ha ha.

Crescent City

What a great sleep. We woke up feeling better, and went to have breakfast with our hotel neighbours, before they start to head home. Art and Coleen, thank you for chatting to some strange and sweaty Straya Animals. It was so great to meet you, and I hope we can catch up for a ride together on our next visit. Motors all round.


They let me sit on Colleen’s beast, but wouldn’t do a swap. Enjoy your ride home guys. 

The rest of our day, was spent doing the usual day off duties, washing, blogging, calling and checking on family. It was a cold, miserable, winters day, and what better way to spend it, than in a hotel room working. It was not a wasted day. Family all good, clothes all clean, and legs a little rested. Ready for Redwoods!


Always fun at the laundromat.

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