CSR -29 to A Hot Shower

28th May 2019

Well 29 to Well 31 71kms

Max rode off towards the Well, we drove the Thring Rock alternate route. It was a flat and rocky track for us, and some nice views of Thring Rock. Then our first sand dune, which Max had already ridden up. The desert was changing, as we headed towards the Gibson Desert. We caught Max at the 25km mark, and he was keen to cycle on to Well 30, where there is also a cave to check out. The Gibson Desert, suddenly upon us, turned rocky with lots of vegetation. It was slow for us, in the car, but Max was able to speed up.


Thring Rock! We think it is because it is actually Three Rings…?

Wells 29 and 30, are both in ruins, and not very pretty. Will and Max drove the 3.5kms to see the cave, and I enjoyed the flies by myself, under a Bloodwood tree, tapping out some notes. The guys returned in no time, to inform me that I hadn’t missed out on anything. I kind of thought that, from all the notes I’d read on the cave, it had collapsed several times, lastly in 2008.

Not much left of either the Well, or the cave. It was more of a sink hole, and after a few collapses, there wasn’t actually a lot to see. Bummer.

Now we are all in the car, plodding along the rocky track towards Well 31. The Outback Spirit crew camp here, and recommend it for camping. Very tiring track at this stage, and we got to the Well feeling a bit buggered. It was a nice site, with another Well in ruins, and some beautiful gum trees. There was heaps of space, lots of shelter from the wind that is gradually picking up, and an abundance of wood.

This was a beautiful camp spot. The huge, old trees where great shelter and wood supplier. They naturally drop old branches, so we made good use of them.

I cooked a roast in the camp oven, and we all enjoyed a bit too much wine, sitting around the fire. It is always nice, once the sun sets, the flies fuck off, and we can actually enjoy the bush.

I don’t know about the others, but I’m in need of a break. It is a bit tiresome, constructing and deconstructing the camp each day, and the driving is slow. I need a rest.

29th May 2019

Well 31 to Kunawarritji 52kms

Corrugations and more corrugations. That was the drive today. Really bloody bad ones. The whole drive. Our only stop was at Well 32, another one in ruins, actually nothing left. We were really focused on getting to the community, where we need fuel and ice cream.


Some Wells had some sort of hole, you could see moisture in, not this one. Nothin’.

Arriving into the community, we were surprised at how good,it was looking. Very neat and organised. We spotted the fuel bowsers, and after a quick chat with Tazz, the community’s manager, we filled up at $3.40/Ltr. It wasn’t a shock to us, we knew it was going to be bad.

Aaah, what a relief. It is only a small community of (at most)70 people, but it has people, running water, food, flushing toilets and all the stuff we needed. Oh and of course fuel at a premium cost. We are, after all, in the absolute middle of nowhere.

Unfortunately the shop didn’t open until 2pm, which left us about an hour and a half. What should we do? “We got decent hotel rooms.” Says Tazz! Hmm, that would mean a bed, no putting up the tent, a flushing toilet, and best of all, a proper shower. It’s a deal mate. We all agreed. So we got about doing washing, including ourselves, and sorting stuff with the car. Also giving our devices a real good charge up. A lay on a nice bed, maybe a short snooze, then we were able to do some top up shopping for the last section of our journey.

Who would have thought a neat little motel?
Friendly locals come to check us out, and see what we had to offer. Not a great deal, unfortunately. We did offer them a ride out, but they said they loved it here.

Ice cream, coke, chips, mmmmmm, junk food. So good. We made hamburgers for dinner, and just as if we did while bush camping, we were all tucked away in bed by 8:30pm. A late one.

30th May 2019

Kunawarritji to Well 36 85kms

The local with everything to get us through to the next community.

Not a quick start to the day, as we all enjoyed being clean, and having clean clothes. Also Will had spoken with Tazz about more Diff oil, and they were going to have a look for some. Finally, about 9:30 ish, after another ice cream, we drove out of the community to Well 33, six kays along the CSR.

Huh, a nice spot. A tank, windmill, tap and greenery. Some small bushes provide shade too, it would have been okay to camp here.

How lucky are we? Track Care, headed by “Dunny Des”, and assisted by some local guys, had just finished installing yet another “Monument to humanity”. A brand new trailer toilet. Some of the local school kids were coming out to paint it, shade we couldn’t wait and see how it turns out.

The Monument and the team of locals that built it.
Track care volunteers, who camped out here for a few days, to help with the Monument raising also make sure the working Wells are kept functioning, giving them regular flush outs and maintenance. What a great bunch of people. Thank You.

Well 34 took us five kays in, to a hard to find Well. Another in ruins, so a few snaps, and onward we go. Max and I did spot a cute, slightly dehydrated goanna, and were able to have a good look at it.

Mulga scrub, with lots of camping spots out the back. The Well itself, was just a small, deep hole with some moisture in the bottom. Obviously the little goanna was on his way for a dig and a sip of water. Hope we didn’t scare off.

All three of us in the car today, it is howling a gale, and Max is a bit fatigued from the tough riding. It will also be good to catch up some kilometres. At Well 35, there wasn’t much left, and it was not a very good camp spot. Dunny Des had told us 36 was a better place to camp, so we happily carried on to there.

Out of the Gibson, and back in the Little Sandy Desert, we hit a couple of moon scapes. It was amazing.

Gees Des, this is very poor. What do you think a bad spot is. We all agreed 35 looked better than this, more tree protection, not so much rubbish, and no bull dust. Nothing for it now, we aren’t going any further today, so our final camp spot was not very nice, but we enjoyed a good fire, and sleep.

Not the best spot for our camp, but really, no one else is going to show up, and it is only one night. It did have wood and water. And flies!

SPECIAL NOTE: We have been a bit slow with our posts of late, as unfortunately we have had to cut our adventure short. A lovely and dear family member has passed away unexpectedly, and we need to be with our family. It is with very heavy hearts that we say good-bye to Carol, Grandmother of our nieces and nephews, friend and keen adventurer herself. She was a beautiful lady, who loved and lived life and we will all feel her absence. Life will continue, as it does, and we will remember her always.

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