Another Adventure Arrives

So the camper only took a month and minimal hassle to get sorted. RAC insurance came through, and Foreshore Caravan Repairs did the work in no time, once the new awning arrived. Now we’re too scared to put it out, ha ha ha, no really we didn’t need to on our couple of nights up at Marinup. We decide to chuck the bikes on the camper and spend a couple of nights in the nearby bush, cycle the 8km Mountain bike trail, and have a break from home.

Well set up, relaxed and even used the hot/cold shower. We need more practice, it’s touchy, but it was nice to have a hot shower. Rodgie loved all the great toys nature leaves for her.

It was a very pleasant couple of days, which Rodgie loved. Lots of smells, running, and the odd Kangaroo chase. Bloody dog. The Mountain bike trail is really nice, and we enjoyed it a lot. It’s not difficult, but you do need to take plenty of water, and some signage could be better. It is on google maps, which helps, but we did take it in the opposite direction to what is recommended, as we missed the turning sign at the beginning, but it’s still doable.

It was pretty warm, but in amongst the trees we were well shaded, and really enjoyed the morning ride.

Rodgie loved trotting along through the bush, taking on all the obstacles, that we avoided, and then silently dashing off after a kangaroo we didn’t spot in time. Ugh, when she goes, she goes, and we just had to wait for her to come back. Which she did, totally happy and exhausted. So we sat, had big drinks, and let her rest for about half an hour. Silly pup, we still had to get the 4kms back, by which time, she was done, and had a nice relaxing afternoon, doing nothing but laying in the dirt.

Lots of our time has been catching up with family, friends and especially our new Grandbaby. She is such a joy, and wonderful to watch evolve. Olivia and Jake are doing great. Overcoming the challenges, and best of all asking for help from us. We love a good outing with Annelise.

So the time has come, we have bikes ready, gear packed, and friends Allan and Julie on board. Everything is in the car and trailer, and we are heading south to Fred and Wendy’s farm, 65kms north of Albany. There we are fed like kings, and put up for the night, before Fred drives us all into Albany to begin the journey.

MundaBiddi Albany to Mundairing April 2021

Saturday 24th April 2021 – Kendenup to Albany to Cosy Corner 

60kms in the car, 36kms on bike.

First Day Loaded After More Than 2yrs

We unloaded the bags, the bikes, and ourselves, and Fred drove away in our car, back to the farm where the Old girl will sit until we are done, and go collect her. Thanks for that Fred and Wendy. Bags on bikes, photos taken, and groceries purchased, we took off west on the Trail. Yep, the bikes felt heavy and lethargic. Allan has sorted an itinerary to accommodate my serious lack of fitness, and to try take care of my knees, so we only had to do 36kms to Cosy Corner. Sounds easy enough.

Well, it was pleasant, and the weather was perfect. 18 Kay’s in, we came to Elleker, where we found a nice lunch spot under the footy pavilion, where we had seats, shade, and water to refill our bottles. Some nice back roads, low traffic, and the beginnings of the feelings we have been missing. Freedom.

As we rode, we spotted lots of bushes with bright pinky orange flowers on them. They looked like hula dancers with bright coloured grass skirts. Very pretty.

Then onto another side road and up our first steep hill. I had to stop and catch breath, once, but the legs were okay. Next was our first section of single track, something we’d all been waiting for. After all, it’s a big part of this Trail. Surrounded by native bush, riding on leaf litter and gravel, it was great, and we managed 12/hr. As we burst out onto another gravel farm road, we spotted another cyclist heading toward us. We met Malcolm, cycling North to South. He was dressed like Steve Irwin and rode in thongs. He also had the biggest smile. Which after riding 1000kms, on a tough, hilly, and amazing trail, is how we hope to be feeling. He only had two weeks, and wished he had more time to enjoy the small things, like watching snakes. What? Okay, they are cool, and nice to see from a distance.

As we carried on we spotted a snake crossing our track. It was long and black and looked like it may have been carrying eggs. It was moving slowly, until we moved passed it, then it slithered quickly into the bushes. Cool.

A bit of a hilly section getting us to Cosy Corner, where we took a nice down hill into what we thought was a camping area. It wasn’t. Just the day use area, with barbecues, picnic tables, and toilets. Nice, but camping not allowed. So we had to ride back up the steep, little hill and down to the camp ground, which was chocker block. Not even enough room for a single cyclist and little ten. We all agreed we’d risk it, so we stealth camped in the day use area. Steak and veg for dinner, on the free BBQ, making good use of the picnic tables, and toilet. Allan, Julie and Will all headed to the beach for a swim/wash, and we didn’t set up tents until almost dark. We had a visit from a little Quenda, a rat and a frog. A cool but lovely night.

Sunday 25th April 2021 – Cosy Corner to Denmark 51kms

Nice morning, sunshine and not really cold at all.

Breakfast on the BBQ for the other three, I started the oats, fruit and nut regime.

We were all ready by 8.30am, and rode back up the nasty little hill again, to get out . Ugh.

A few nice small sections of single track through the bush, but much of the day was on gravel farm roads, with a few long slow hills. I really feel the bike slow down on even the smallest incline, and Will reckons Wednesday is now known as the Pig. She is very heavy, and he too is slow up the hills. Granny gear is in full use.

Lunch at Young’s Siding, where there was a little general store and a community hall with a free BBQ we could have camped at if we wanted to. Nice little stop.

The last 15kms were quite tough. Sore butt, tired legs, and pushing on the uphills was taking it’s toll on my unfit body.

The Denmark-Nornalup Heritage Trail taking us into Denmark was not as easy as it sounds. Lots of leaf litter, and softer surface, with an uphill gradient, was not what I was hoping for, but it was pretty.

Booked the backpackers, and all day felt nervous, wondering what the COVID lockdown situation would bring about for us. All the government sites had indecisive information, conflicting rules, and it did play on our minds. We all did well, just letting it go until we arrived, and then we would deal with what ever occurred.

All has turned out fine, and we have showered and washed clothes and done shopping. 

I’m exhausted, and will be asleep before 8.30pm.

Monday 26th April 2021 – Denmark to Jinung Beijabup 46kms

Slow start as there was real work to be done. Also very foggy and it didn’t lift until after 9am.

We were looking forward to the first bit of our ride, as it wound along the coast and was supposed to be very pretty. Instead, the shire were repairing the walk-in/cycling path and we were detoured along Light Beach road. Not that cycling friendly with a bit of holiday traffic, and some hills.

That ended up being the theme for the day. Hills. Big ones.

We cycled through a bit of single track, down to Greens Pool, which was very pretty, and we stayed for lunch. After this it was a lot of big hills, on back farm roads, the worst being Point Hillier Vista. Man was that long and steep. Allan is a steam engine, so cycled most of the way up, then walked back to meet me, and took my bike, and rode up it again. It was hard just walking up it.

There was more up than down after this, and even the track to the hut was not pleasant. It was steep, and single track with plenty of hidden rocks and leaf litter. Lots more walking.

It was so bloody good to reach the sanctuary of the hut. It was beautiful. Two full water tanks, clean drop toilet, and shelter amongst the trees.

We ate, we washed, we slept.


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