Time To Hit Pause

17th to 18th July 2017

Cape Tribulation to Mossman to Port Douglas 145kms

A good night sleep, cereal, coffee, and watching everyone else pack up and rush off. We don’t quite know what to do with ourselves today, as it is a very easy, short ride back to Port Douglas, but if we go straight there, this part of the adventure will be over, and we aren’t quite ready for that. So instead, we will take a leisurely ride, stopping at some of the beaches along the way, and stay in Mossman for the last night. The road along the coast from Cape Trib to the Daintree river, is very beautiful itself, and is where the rainforest meets the sea. So lots of places to stop and admire the coast and the forest. Which we did.



A quick stop to put the GoPro on, and to let a tailgater go, before we stopped to check out Thornton Beach.

There was lots of traffic, all going slowly and enjoying the drive, and we took every chance to investigate the beaches and side roads. So we went in to Cow Bay and drank the rest of our morning coffees, before stopping up at the Mount Alexandra Lookout, which gives an overgrown view (the vegetation is taking on the man made structures and winning) of Port Douglas and the bays. It was jam packed with tourists, making it difficult to get a good picture. Becky was having a busy day, photo bombing our outings, and spotted some French kids with a little blue turtle, to go annoy. They loved her, and snapped away, taking photos of the two creatures at the lookout.



Cow Bay was 6kms in, a nice road, and a very nice beach. With a Creek running to the ocean, definitely crocodile territory, and a bit unnerving.



Wow, here are a lot of people here. At least Becky enjoyed herself.

Just down the range a little, was a dirt track out to Cape Kimberley, so we took that too. At the end is a rundown camping area, called Koala Camping, and another nice beach you can’t swim at. But Becky got down onto it, and into all our pictures again, before we carried on to the ferry crossing. There was a short line up, but we didn’t have to wait too long and it was our turn. $10 bucks and five minutes, sees us on the other side, where there was an enormous line of cars, about a kay long. Gees, it is so busy up here.



Cape Kimberly had Becky off exploring. She’s not scared of crocs, but she made Will mad somehow. Don’t do it Will!

Heading  towards Mossman (we are almost there and it’s not even lunch time), we turned off, and went to check out Daintree Village instead. Didn’t even know this place existed. Only ten kilometres in, along a very pleasant road to ride, we found a small settlement, offering croc cruises, a camping ground and a few little cafes and shops. We found a table near the river to have a sandwich, and take a break. Dragging out the journey as much as possible.



We got lucky with the ferry. It takes about 20 vehicles of varying sizes, and we were number 19. The Daintree River is a pretty sizeable river, and has lots to offer. Crocs, crocs, and fishing, and birds, and just great scenery, and more crocs.

Enough delays, we are starting to feel a bit down, so we should just get to Mossman. It was about 30kms away, and we enjoyed the ride. Mossman is a pretty good little town, and has a descent school, a couple of pubs, a huge Woolworths and a small hospital. It also has a lack of visible tourists. There are plenty of good sights to visit nearby, with the Mossman Gorge, wineries and hikes, and a few very nice accommodation options (as we found out). But you just don’t notice them as much as in Port Douglas. Much more quiet and easy going. So we called in to Mossman Motel Holiday Villas, to see what they had available. The weather said rain. Only two rooms left, so we got one. What we discovered was a veritable paradise. Secluded, lush gardens, big rooms, great facilities, and a short walk to the supermarket. The owners were very nice, and had a good chat to us about the industry, and how they do it. It was a quiet night for us, to end this section of the adventure.


Check out this awesome little hideaway. Definitely recommend this for a quiet getaway, close to everything the Daintree and surrounds have to offer.

The rain never eventuated, but so what, we had a comfortable night and we don’t have to worry about getting things dry. It took us next to no time to pack our things onto the bikes, and head off. Less than 20kms to Port Douglas. Hmm, better take a bit of a tour around the town again, and maybe visit the Lighthouse Lookout again. Then a coffee down the Main Street, before taking over Geoff and Taryn’s house again.



Not the best shot she of Port Douglas, it really is a very pretty place, and worth a visit. It is very very busy. Great weather, lots to do and see, and so many options for accommodation.

My mood is poor, it happens every time. I love the challenges of travelling, even though I also enjoy a rest from it. But as the end approaches, you really start to think about what has passed, and everything you have experienced. It’s not until you stop that you do this. In two days, I’ll be home to attend to business. It’ll be lovely to see the kids, my Mum, Will’s Dad, and to catch up with friends.



Just some more random picks of the last couple of days. Bloody Becky!

(N.B. Will is occasionally posting short info updates on the Advrider Ride Report during our 6 week “pause” while we are at home sorting out house, family & financial obligations….back soon)

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