Riding, Rehab and 100 Blog Posts

9th November 2017

Wow, can you believe it? This is our 100th Blog post. Neither of us really thought about how far we would take this, and are still believing it is worthwhile. It hasn’t all been smooth, with some posts not being met with as much enthusiasm as others, but it is the story of the second half of our life. It is a great way to keep the memories, and hopefully inspire others. Or at least you might learn from our mistakes? It’s all good, hey?

Will has done a fabulous job of servicing all the vehicles, including our beloved bicycles. We have both been making a huge effort to use them to run our many errands around town. I have also gathered a team of “experts” to help me with my Stupid Dick Knees[SDK]. So over the last two weeks, I have been busy meeting with them, there are three of them, and making assessments and plans to get my body working better. First of all I revisited Matt, at Mandurah Physiotherapy, who has got me started with some Hydrotherapy, and some strapping for the old knees. All of this Will and I can manage on our own, using the specially designed pool at Mandurah Physiotherapy for two Hydro sessions each week.


All bikes, the 4WD and Dixybus are now ready for the next adventure. I went and watched my niece dance at a local fair, and my team Physio centre. 

Next, I met with a Dietician, and we discussed the food we eat, and what I can do to loose some weight. It is definitely necessary to help ease the pressure on the SDK. So Caitlin, from INDi, suggested I try the 5:2 diet, which simplified, is just eating normally for 5 days a week, and then eating around a quarter of the calories (roughly 500) on two days of the week. Kind of fasting but not totally. It is something that can be a way of life, and is more flexible than other diets. Who knows, gotta try something, so we’re onto it.

Caitlin looks 12yrs old, but was very informative and positive, and she was not at all judgemental. 

Lastly, I met with a Physiologist, Rachel, from 4 Life Physiotherapy. I didn’t even know there was such a thing. Anyway, Rachel was very helpful, and ran through some of the exercises that will improve the muscles that, hopefully, will relieve the SDK pain. So I have exercises, hydrotherapy, and small changes in the way we eat. Not so much what we eat, thank goodness. I have been working at all this for one week (properly) and I can feel a difference in my strength. The pain is no better, but it will take at least a month before I expect to notice less pain. The eating situation doesn’t feel much different, and of course I’m still fat, but I know it won’t just evaporate.

Rachel also looks so young. She was very positive also, and had lots of good tips for me. They have all taken my issue very seriously, so maybe it is time I did too.

On top of My rehab, we went to the Horizons Unlimited (HUBB) meeting, at Fairbridge, and had another fantastic weekend. The weather was shite, cold, a bit wet, and windy, but it really didn’t detract from the whole experience. Our first ever public speaking gig went better than could be expected, and it really was a very good thing to have done. Not something I ever thought we would do, but worth the panic, worry and nervousness. Luckily we’d run through it with our daughter Olivia (she has a Marketing Diploma and done many, many presentations), who had given us some valuable advise, so it all went pretty smoothly and was received well.

At least we were not the first cab off the rank, and most of this years speakers were just like us, and experiencing their first ever presentation. Phew!

We dressed to impress in our Indian attire. There were so many varieties of bikes, and one I liked was the Triumph T120, belonging to Roksana. She was kind enough to let me sit on it. To finish our great weekend, we got 3rd prize in the raffle (supporting Bright Blue) which was donated by Xander and Tam from Overlander Adventure Equipment in Midvale. A fantastic luggage package, maps and a compact chair. Yay, perfect for my little Honda.

After the HUBB meeting, the weather improved and has become much more like the Spring weather we are used to here in Mandurah. Unfortunately, with that, comes “The Pollens”! Will has, over his years, developed some serious Hay Fever, and suffers quite badly around here, with the many blossoming Bottlebrushes and Acacias. The harvest season also causes him some grief. But he’s a trooper, and with the Antihistamine tablets, nasal spray and eye drops, he is battling through. What a couple…..!

In between events, we have caught up with two of our 3 kids, and my good friend Nicole, who was in Perth, briefly. I took the train to spend the day roaming around the city, doing “normal” stuff with her, and happy I wasn’t in the car on the way home.

Just last weekend we got to head out on the “Cruisers” for a ride through the Perth hills, with a bunch of guys who have also been on a Nevermind Adventures tour in India, which was fantastic. A beautiful day, met some more nice people, and had a fun ride ending up at the Mullaloo Pub, on the beach. We had to ride all the way home from north of Perth, and were pretty buggered when we got there, but it was a great day.

So up around the Bedfordale area is the Wungong Dam. I had no idea it was here, and has a picnic area and swimming hole too. 3 Royal Enfields, a Kawasaki, a Harley and a Yamaha. Odd group, but all happy cruisers.

A short stop for refreshments, at Cores Cidery, before heading north of the city. Another place we hadn’t been before. Such a stunning area.


Zigzag Road! Google it, and go for a leisurely ride, drive, what ever along it. It has the best views of Perth City and is so much fun on a bike. That is Pete, on his cool little Kwakka!

Finally made it to the Pub at the end of the day. Wow, what a great spot. A burger and a beer before heading down the Freeway to home. Thanks Craig Bean (back right, and bald) for organising a good day out.

My amazing Mum had expressed a bit of interest of hopping on the bike for a while now, so we made it happen. She’s told us stories of riding a scooter as a young girl in New Zealand, but as far as I know she hasn’t been on one since. So at a very fit and healthy 70yrs old, she threw her leg up and over the Mule, and we went up to Dwellingup for lunch at the pub. No fear, my Mum. It was another fab day, and luckily wasn’t one of 2 fasting days.

So we are making slow progress on the gardens, but progress is progress, and we are getting on our bicycles more and more. The SDK (I think) are improving, and we have begun scheming our next couple of adventures. But first, we are off to the UK in December to help my amazing big sister celebrate her 50th birthday. There should be some interesting snaps from that journey, for sure, so hang out for that one.

It was my dear Dad’s birthday in October, so a few of us had a visit to the spot we set him free, which was nice. Happy Birthday Dad (Joe, Poppy, Joseph), rest in peace. Another family member (from my brothers family) recently left us, Old mate Diesel (The dog on the left, without the bandage). He was 14, and in lots of pain. Now he is also free. An amazing dog, who the entire family loved, and will remember always. Family is family, and we love them all.

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