NYE in London, Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018.

Cover Photo: showing Big Ben undergoing repairs  & Westminster Bridge.

19th to 31st December, 2017, by Will. 😀👍

Whoah Nelly !! We have all been super busy leading up to the last day of 2017.
I haven’t been keeping a close record or notes of our going’s on’s … but after consulting the “Brains Trust” of Sue & Jenny below are some of the madcap antics the numerous family members & their respective partners have found themselves in…

Brad & Sue’s London Manor, Campervan is for all the extras.

I will only brush over it in this blog post because these activities have been “their adventure”, but definitely worth mentioning to give you an idea of how hectic the schedule has been since we had our hair all chopped off back on Monday, December the 18th.

Firstly let’s talk about what Jenny & I have done:
After having our heads denuded for the Louise Cancer Cause, Jenny & I returned to Ramsgate for another 5 days. We left our Brompton Bikes back in Walton-on-Thames since we were going to have a look around London with the two younger Nieces, Nanna & Sue. Then onto Sue’s work for a bit of a gander.

Checking out London with Mackenzie & Jose.
We stop at Sue’s work, where her team give her a Scooter Suitcase & make her race around the office.

Getting to Ramsgate on Trains is straight forward enough but does take 4 hours & costs £33 one way each ($65AUD), that’s if you get a super economy prebooked, paid online ticket. It is approximately 170kms in distance involving, 1 x Uber Ride, 3 x Train changes & 30 minutes of walking. Easy Peasy !

Catching the Tube….London’s Underground.

Team wiljen, generally relaxed in Ramsgate at my Cousin’s place. Not totally sure why our thirst for “Adventure” is waning. We weren’t interested in going to continental Europe & seeing the snow or other sights. Maybe it’s the cold winter weather, but I really think we are possibly a bit travel weary ?


Checking out Ramsgate on foot, what is that Becky Beetle, nah to big.

Come the 23rd, we packed our small travel bags, locked up Al & Keith’s House, arranged for their friends to take care of Minkel the cat & headed back to London.

At the house sit in Ramsgate looking after Minkel the Cat.

December 15th – 23rd. All the younger adults 6, in total, ranging from 19-23yo. Including our Son Hayden & his partner Kirsty, headed off on a one week Contiki Tour to the Austrian Alps to have a Skiing Experience. Sounds like they all had a fantastic time with the Skiing & Parasailing (yes jumping off mountains parachuting around in minus degree weather) reportedly being “Awesome Fun”.


The young guys in Austria Skiing, in these photos are Hayden, Kirsty & Alex.

On the 17th, Lorraine/Nanna (Jenny, Sue & John’s Mum) arrived….

Meanwhile on December 18th-21st, John & Debra shot over to Iceland to really experience winter ! By all reports they enjoyed it but were over the snow, cold & dark by the end.


Debra & John braving the Arctic conditions in Iceland, (photos from John.)

We then had a massive, once in a lifetime Christmas in Winter, with 18 of us plus the two doggies. It was a great day & around 11.30pm Jen, Hayden, Kirsty & I caught an Uber back to Chertsey (3 miles away) as we were House Sitting for Brad & Sue’s friends who were away.

John does the Santa honours & hands out the presents.


Later we kick on, listening to the dog play a ukulele, eating an enjoyable Christmas Dinner & playing fun games.

The Byrne Clan (8 of them) headed back to Aussie on the 28th, so that freed up a bit of house bedroom space. By all reports they returned home safely with a couple of the younger ones suffering a bit of Air Sickness as the Plane approached Perth in turbulent conditions (Cyclone Hilda has developed up north ?).

Last Thursday Hayden, Kirsty & I headed into London for a look. It was very busy.


We tried to do The Shard & London Eye, but the lines were massive. Shame as it was a beautiful clear day.

We checked out the Imperial War Museum, free & good.
Inside the Imperial War Museum, London.

Saturday, After spending a few nights camped at Brad’s sister Sharon’s apartment, Jenny & I moved back to the main House. We all tidied up the house, got rid of rubbish, took the hire Campervan back, that was used as overflow accommodation, then headed out to the Argentinian Steakhouse for dinner.


Brad, Sue & I take the Campervan back & dump off the excess recyclable rubbish.

New Years Eve, Eve, Dinner at the Argentinian Steak House.

2017 last day of the year….Sunday the 31st, after a month of amazing travel experiences Hayden & Kirsty head for the warmer climes of Australia, I guess they’ll miss out on seeing in the New Years.

Hayden & Kirsty ready for the long haul home after a month away.

wiljen’s Adventures, 2017 in review;
Wow, another busy one, we spent about 5 months at home & 7 months travelling. The Motorbike Touring around Australia & New Zealand was great. Caught up with heaps of extended family, saw some old friends, made some new friends, experienced some family conflicts, sadly lost Jenny’s step-Father Poppy Joe. In 2018 we will continue to do our best to improve our Family & Friend relationships.

Jen & I kept making forward progress on the Tavel Home Base & hopefully will get it to 95% completed in the first half of 2018. The trip to the UK was good, it’s always fabulous to see Sue, Brad & the rest of the UK Crew. Some amazing times over the past 4 weeks & for them a huge thank you to Sue & Brad.

Sadly coming to the UK in winter didn’t really sell it for either Jenny & I, guessing it’s just “not our cup of tea”. We have warm weather & sunshine in our blood. All part of the learning experience but I think we will be minimising our Winter Climate Travels in the future. Not really conducive to what we are looking for & not that wonderful on two wheels. We will definitely be back but it will be in the Northern Hemisphere summer next time.

Thanks for following or keeping tabs on our journey through life during 2017. Both Jenny & I wish you all an amazing 2018. Try and find a little adventure in every day, help your family, friends & strangers to the best of your ability. See you early in the new year once we are back in Australia.

Love from Will & Jenny… 😀

wiljen’s Adventures, United Kingdom/London December 2017. pic of London Bridge.



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