Destination Port Douglas, Week 7.

A week in Port Douglas, Tourist Mecca of FNQ.

  • Feature Photo: Jenny and Rodgie dog on 4 Mile Beach, Port Douglas.
  • Week 7. Australia Pandemic Tour Travel Diaries.
  • 22/07/21 to 28/07/21
  • Day 43 to 49.
  • Cairns to McLeod River, free bush camp, Queensland.
  • 232kms (total since home, 7849kms). 

21/08/21, In real time we are into week 11, we continue to make our way home across the desert. The various State Governments continue to put in administrative road blocks “to keep us safe”. So even now we are unsure which way to head or when we will arrive home. I’m feeling a lot better after possibly contracting Barmah virus. I’ll never know for sure what it was as I never did get a blood test. Just feeling a bit extra tired at the end of the day now.

The travel uncertainty is starting to wear thin, it’s becoming apparent that our rights to travel freely in Australia are over. Most people seem to believe the mass vaccination will be the solution. Personally I hope it is but since you still contract the virus even when inoculated who knows. Sydney, NSW is turning into one big grand experiment to see if the let’s vaccinate everyone theory will work. I guess the rest of the country will soon find out.

I doubt our carefree life prior to March 2020 will ever return or be similar, Jenny and I are busy discussing our next life choice, it should be interesting to see where it leads too. Below are my travel diary notes for our week long stay in Port Douglas, it’s my sixth visit there, really great to catch up with Bobbie (Mum), Jens, Geoff and meet Cherie. I doubt I’ll ever be able to easily return so who knows when team wiljen will see them all again.


Day 43, Thursday, Date: 22/07/21

From to where: Cairns to Port Douglas via Capt. Cook Hwy.

Distance: 70km

Accumulated Distance: 7687

Cycling Y/N, KMs: 

Fuel $: 


Accom type & cost: $348 ($58pn, in 22nd drive away We’d. 28th).

Grocery Food $:

Take away food $:

Beer/Wine/Soda $: 28

Other $:

Day Total $: 376

Rolling Total $: 6238

Gopro footage: yes

DJI Drone Footage: no

Weather: 27C fine.

Notes:  Destination Accomplished, week 7 begins.

11.45am we’re rolling into the Tropic Breeze, Port Douglas. Our morning in Cairns and drive up the scenic Captain Cook Highway was super pleasant. As we have noticed this whole tour the tourist hotspots are very busy. We are lucky to even get this small spot at the Tropic Breeze CV Park for the next 6 nights. It is very central to everything in Port Douglas.

Jenny finished up her work and at 2pm we visited Bobbie and Jens (Mum & Step Father) at their small resort complex about 4kms away. First time we’ve seen them in 4 years. They seemed the same as always but obviously a bit older. Rodgie behaved good and later we all had donna  kebabs with drinks back at the Camper.

After they left Jenny and I took Rodgie Dog for a quick walk near the tennis courts, people were playing and the dog couldn’t help herself she ran up and down the along the outside of the fence line chasing the ball being hit by players. Eventually one bloke took pity on her and belted a tennis ball over the fence for her to have. Very funny stuff and will make walking her easier, just go to the tennis courts for now on.

Squeezed into a tight spot at the Tropic Breeze Caravan Park, Port Douglas.
The dog likes relaxing sometimes.


Day 44, Friday, Date: 23/07/21

From to where: Port Douglas 

Distance:  8km

Accumulated Distance: 7695km

Cycling Y/N, KMs: 13km (& walked 3km)

Fuel $: 


Accom type & cost: already payed, 6 nights.

Grocery Food $: 11

Take away food $:

Beer/Wine/Soda $: $50 at Central Pub $37 bottle shop

Other $: 33 lunch at pub.

Day Total $: 131

Rolling Total $: 6369

Gopro footage: no some beach cycling video on iPhone 7

DJI Drone Footage: no

Weather: 29C and fine.

Notes: Riding 4 Mile Beach, Port Douglas.

Cruisey day, we cycled along 4 mile beach all the way to the southern end, throwing the ball for Rodgie as we went along. It’s a perfect dry season day and many people are enjoying the beach. Not many were swimming, there are crocs and stingers to be wary of even this time of year. Once at the far end of the bay we then rode the residential streets to the Apartment to catch up with Mum and Jens. While there we also washed a load of dirty clothes.

The 5km ride back was along Port Douglas Road, a mish-mash of grass, road and pathway riding. They could definitely improve on their cycling paths here. In future visits by bicycle we will just stick to 4 Mile beach.

Once back at the camper Jenny hung up the now clean but damp clothes, we relaxed for half an hour then walked into town and caught up with my brother Geoff for a few beers. Later Cherie and Simon stopped by but we were pretty much ready to walk back. Dinner was back at Jens and Mum’s place, which this time we drove to. Talk about a busy first full day in Port Douglas.

Rodgie running along 4 Mile Beach.


Day 45, Saturday, Date: 24/07/21

From to where: Port Douglas 

Distance: 9kms

Accumulated Distance: 7704km

Cycling Y/N, KMs: not today but heads of walking.

Fuel $: 


Accom type & cost: payed Tropical Breeze Caravan Park.

Grocery Food $: 60 prawns and fish.

Take away food $:

Beer/Wine/Soda $: 53

Other $:

Day Total $: 113

Rolling Total $: 6482

Gopro footage: GP8, new 64gig SD micro card all that’s available.

DJI Drone Footage: no

Weather: 28C fine

Notes: The Port Douglas Groove.

I’m up at 6am, make instant coffee for both of us and then I head across to the main road. It’s 6.23am and Jens is already there in his Volvo waiting for me having a ciggie while enjoying the quiet calmness of the early morning. The sun won’t rise over the Coral Sea for another 40 minutes. 

We both head off towards the Port Douglas Marina, the fishing boats are in and it’s a good opportunity to get some fresh seafood. There are 3 boats docked but only 2 are selling to the general public. The other boat is unloading at least 500kg of Spangled Emperor (a type of snapper) for wholesale. The queue ends up very long by 7am when the boats commence selling. Jens and I are towards the front of the line but it still proves to be a slow process to make your purchase.

Glad we arrived half an hour early which puts us close to the front of the queue.

I end up buying a kilo of Spanish Mackerel and a kilo of cooked large Tiger Prawns. Jens eventually completes his purchase and off we go, Jens drops me back at the Caravan Park our neighbour who had ridden his old clunker bicycle down there and was slightly behind us in the line arrives at the same time.

The rest of the day was spent walking Rodgie and exploring the town centre. We stopped and bought our first ice cream in 3 months, also bought a small kids cup of ice cream for the spoilt mutt. She has never had ice cream before and absolutely loved it. Very funny to watch Rodgie trying to lick the ice cream out the cup.

Rodgie dog enjoys her very own and first ice cream.

Later we took the car and dropped Rodgie dog at Bobbie and Jens’s place than backtracked to visit my brother Geoff and his girlfriend Cherie. We chatted and had a few beers. After 5 small bottles of Great Northern Jenny’s was giving me the hairy eyeball look. I do share one final IPA with Geoff then bid our goodbyes. Once out of earshot of Geoff and Cherie, Jenny says “well I guess I’m driving again, you were drinking way to fast Will” !

With a small laugh I tell Jenny that I’m ok to drive as the Great Northern beers were zero percent alcohol. “Bullshit she says”, back at the car I show her the packaging 0% alcohol. She stares at me in disbelief finally realising that the whole time in Cairns and Port Douglas I’ve basically been on the wagon. 😉

Back to Jens and Mum’s unit to have prawns for dinner, some mid strength beers and then take Rodgie dog home to the camper. Another top day in tropical North Queensland.

Tastes ok but no buzz !?


Day 46, Sunday, Date: 25/07/21

From to where: Port Douglas 

Distance: 9

Accumulated Distance: 7713

Cycling Y/N, KMs:  yes 6km

Fuel $: 


Accom type & cost: 

Grocery Food $: $35

Take away food $:

Beer/Wine/Soda $:

Other $:

Day Total $: 35

Rolling Total $: 6515

Gopro footage: no 

DJI Drone no

Weather: 26C a bit overcast easterly wind.

Notes: Bit of a nothing day.

Decided to go for a ride but first we had to deal with a flat rear tyre on the Surly Karate Monkey. Jenny and I rode along 4 mile beach with Rodgie dog. Posted a blog update of Week 4 about our journey, blogging is quite time consuming and if the phone reception is poor you soon give in. Later caught up with Bobbie and Jens again for dinner. Once back at camp I stayed up way too late watching a movie on my mini iPad on Amazon Prime. Nearly time to get mobile on the road north again.

Love cycling 4 Mile Beach with the dog.


Day 47, Monday, Date: 26/07/21

From to where: Port Douglas 

Distance: 10kms

Accumulated Distance: 7723km

Cycling Y/N, KMs: 10km along the beach.

Fuel $: 


Accom type & cost: already payed

Grocery Food $:

Take away food $:

Beer/Wine/Soda $: 50

Other $: 55 dinner at Ramada, pretty average 2.5 stars.

Day Total $: 105

Rolling Total $: 6620

Gopro footage: no

DJI Drone Footage: no

Weather: 26C fine

Notes: Catch ups, dinner and bike ride.

More beach riding, it’s fun picking up the ball with the blue ball chucka and throwing it for Rodgie while cycling along. Jenny and I took it in turns. Later we went out to dinner with Geoff and Cherie (Bobbie and Jens took care of the dog). The first place we went to was closed so we ended up at the restaurant near where Geoff and Cherie live.

Tide is out, Port Douglas.


Day 48, Tuesday, Date: 27/07/21

From to where: Port Douglas 

Distance: 10km

Accumulated Distance: 7733km

Cycling Y/N, KMs: yes 6km on beach.

Fuel $: 


Accom type & cost: payed

Grocery Food $: 190

Take away food $:

Beer/Wine/Soda $: 28 Surfys, + $63 takeaways total $91

Other $: $103 lunch for 4 at Surfys.

Day Total $: 384

Rolling Total $: 7004

Gopro footage: yes cycling with dog on beach.

DJI Drone Footage: no

Weather: cooler , overcast, windy 26C max

Notes: Riding on beach with dog, picking up ball while riding.

  • Washing clothes and bed linen.
  • Lunch with Jens and Mum.
  • Jenny went food shopping.
  • Research for Cape York trip.
4 years between catch ups is a bit long. Great to see ya Mum. ❤️


Day 49, Wednesday, Date: 28/07/21

From to where: Port Douglas to McLeod River (free camp).

Distance:  116kms

Accumulated Distance: 7849km

Cycling Y/N, KMs: no

Fuel $: 70 @ 145.9cpl

Litres: 48L (312kms ~ 15.5 litres per 100kms, prepaid so guessed full).

Accom type & cost: Free on McLoed River

Grocery Food $:

Take away food $:

Beer/Wine/Soda $:

Other $: $130, dog flea/tick/worm chews x6. $30 mail  Mossman.

Day Total $: 230

Rolling Total $: 7234

Gopro footage: GP8

DJI Drone Footage: no

Weather: 27C fine.

Notes: The Journey Continues, too the Cape we must go !

Departed the caravan park at 9am,  we said our farewells to Les and Loz who are travelling in their 1980’s, 7 metre long Toyota Coaster bus from Victoria were our cool hippie neighbours for the week.

Breakfast at Mum and Jens’s, then we left Port Douglas at 10.45am, we stopped in Mossman to get fuel, dog parasite protection and mail off a birthday gift to our granddaughter.

Arrived at McLoed River after only driving 116km at 1pm, east side off Mulligans Hwy was to busy, so we found a quiet spot on the west side near the river. Nice clear flowing water in the river, Rodgie loved it.


Thanks for reading everyone, Jenny and I appreciate your comments and support. 

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